Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Former Prime minister of Ethiopia admitted to hospital

Fikreselassie Wogderes, the prime minister during the Dergue Regime, was admitted to Black Lion Hospital on Monday, November 28, 2011, after he had a stroke, according to sources. Although the stroke was caused due to high cholesterol, he is recovering now at the hospital. Fikreselassie, who was among the 23 Dergue officials charged with genocide, was pardoned along with 16 of his colleagues in September right before the Ethiopian New Year after spending 20 years in prison. They had all been sentenced for life, a decade and a half after the Special Prosecutors Office charged them with genocide. Their pardon came nine months after religious leaders first started lobbying for it. Fikreselassie is not the only of the former officials who is sick. His colleague, Fisseha Desta, vice president during the regime, also seeks medical treatment overseas. He is trying to go to India to get treatment, according to sources. (Addis fortune)


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