Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy European New Year

Ethiopian This Week management team, wish to all of its readers and followers on social media a Happy and prosperous European New Year. As we are heading to the New Year, we will be widely open our eyes and ears to present news from every corner of the planet. Our motto is very simple, we report, you judge the news according to its content. Let’s Keep in touch; Share your views and insights. Though we always agree not to disagree, your views are always respected. Love each other and most importantly have faith of what you do. Have a blessed new year.
ETW Editor

Monday, December 19, 2011

Vaclav Havel, dissident playwright and former Czech president, dies

The death was announced by his assistant, Sabina Tancevova, the Associated Press reported. Mr. Havel underwent surgery for lung cancer in 1996 and had suffered from lung ailments in recent months. The former dissident playwright, who was 75, died on Sunday morning after a prolonged period of bad health. Accordning to BBc News Mr Havel's coffin is being taken from his country cottage to the capital, Prague. and will lie in state from Wednesday and a state funeral is expected on Friday.The Czech Republic is observing a week of mourning and hundreds of candles have been lit in Wenceslas Square - once the focal point of the "Velvet Revolution" that overthrew the country's communist regime. Read more…

N. Korean Leader Kim Jong Il has died on a train over mental damage

North Korea on Monday urged its 24 million people to rally behind 20-something heir-apparent Kim Jong Un as the nation mourned the death of supreme leader Kim Jong Il.South Korea, meanwhile, put its military on high alert, while people in the streets of Pyongyang broke into tears as they learned the news that Kim had died at the age 69 of heart failure. The United States said it was in close contact with allies South Korea and Japan.The North's official Korean Central News Agency said the country, people and military "must faithfully revere respectable comrade Kim Jong Un." Read more….

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Former Prime minister of Ethiopia admitted to hospital

Fikreselassie Wogderes, the prime minister during the Dergue Regime, was admitted to Black Lion Hospital on Monday, November 28, 2011, after he had a stroke, according to sources. Although the stroke was caused due to high cholesterol, he is recovering now at the hospital. Fikreselassie, who was among the 23 Dergue officials charged with genocide, was pardoned along with 16 of his colleagues in September right before the Ethiopian New Year after spending 20 years in prison. They had all been sentenced for life, a decade and a half after the Special Prosecutors Office charged them with genocide. Their pardon came nine months after religious leaders first started lobbying for it. Fikreselassie is not the only of the former officials who is sick. His colleague, Fisseha Desta, vice president during the regime, also seeks medical treatment overseas. He is trying to go to India to get treatment, according to sources. (Addis fortune)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Amnesty urges Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia to arrest former president George Bush

"International law requires that there be no safe haven for those responsible for torture; Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia must seize this opportunity to fulfil their obligations and end the impunity George W. Bush has so far enjoyed." The group claimed Bush authorised the use of "enhanced interrogation techniques" and "waterboarding" on detainees held in secret by the Central Intelligence Agency between 2002 and 2009. Read more…

Ethiopia apologizes for the arrest of Slovak Ambassador

Slovak Ambassador to Ethiopia Milan Dubček is set to return to the Slovak Embassy in Addis Ababa in a few days after being recalled to Slovakia by Foreign Minister Mikuláš Dzurinda following a diplomatic spat over the former’s arrest on November 5, the TASR newswire reported. Dubček was given no explanation at the time for why he had been arrested and subsequently held incommunicado for two days by Ethiopian authorities. The EU delegation in Addis Ababa received an apology from the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry on November 24 in which it explained what had happened and promised that a similar event would not reoccur. "We (now) view the explanation and apology as sufficient," Dzurinda said at a press conference. An earlier response by Ethiopian officials was rejected by Dzurinda. In their latest apology the Ethiopians stated that the problem was that Dubček (who is the son of Alexander Dubček, the Czechoslovak communist leader during the Prague Spring) had been out for a walk in the city without his identity papers, meaning that Ethiopian police officers weren't able to identify him, said Dzurinda. "Ethiopia has guaranteed that it will remove the flaws in its system and ensure ... that similar misunderstandings aren't repeated," added Dzurinda. Source (TASR)