Saturday, November 12, 2011

Slovak ambassador to Ethiopia recalled for consultations

Slovakia has recalled its ambassador to Ethiopia, Milan Dubček, Foreign Minister Mikuláš Dzurinda announced at a news conference on Thursday, November 10. He said that the Foreign Ministry had been waiting for three days for an official response from Ethiopia after it sent a diplomatic note demanding not only an explanation but also an apology for Ambassador Dubček's detention between November 5 and 7, the SITA newswire reported. The Slovak diplomat was detained (and subsequently released) by the Ethiopian authorities in Addis Ababa at the weekend, the TASR newswire wrote. Dzurinda said that Dubček will remain in Slovakia until Ethiopia acts in line with diplomatic practice and international standards, i.e. until the Ethiopian authorities make an apology and provide guarantees that no such moves will be repeated with respect not only to Slovakia, but also to any other EU-member country. Dzurinda added that he had spoken to Dubček since he was released on Monday evening and that the ambassador had told him that he was unaware of having committed any crime. Dzurinda said that as far as he knows Dubček hasn't been charged with any offence. The Foreign Ministry said the ambassador's detention has raised concerns among fellow EU-member states, and that a session of diplomats from EU countries had taken place in Addis Ababa following the incident. Source ( SITA)


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