Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kuwaiti Held for Allegedly Beating Ethiopian Maid to Death

A Kuwaiti citizen has been allegedly blamed for beating his housemaid to death. The Kuwaiti has been held for the alleged crime. According to sources, the man has confessed to having committed the crime. Sources report that the Kuwaiti has confessed that he “brutally beat up” his housemaid for seven days, as she refused to continue working for him. According to sources, the accused had hired the Ethiopian housemaid to work on probationary basis in his house. The victim was hired from a recruitment firm located in Hawally. Sources state that, during the training period, as the victim experienced difficulties in providing satisfactory work for her sponsor, he decided to return her to the domestic labor office.
According to sources, when the sponsor and the victim were on their way to the recruitment firm office, they started augmenting on an issue, as a result of which, he lost control and suddenly punched her in the face several times. On reaching the office, the victim alighted down the vehicle and fell unconscious. Some of the housemaids staying at the office confirmed that the victim was brutally beaten up by her sponsor, as a result of which she bled to her death.
During preliminary interrogation, supervised by high-ranking officials, the accused denied the charges, saying that the victim succumbed to her illness. However, he confessed to the crime when he was referred for further interrogation to the Public Prosecution.
However, another source reports that the suspect had hired the victim from Maids Employment Office on the Ibn Khaldoun Street. According to a preliminary forensic report, the victim succumbed to "severe beatings that led to serious physical injuries and severe internal bleeding." The report also noted that the victim showed “signs of dehydration.” Reports of abuse of housemaids in Kuwait have been frequently surfacing in the news. Foreign maids are reported to have been suffering from physical and mental abuse in the oil-rich Kuwait, where they are rapes and brutally beaten, which has resulted in suicide attempts in many cases. Some maids even complain of being pushed to work harder and for longer hours and sleep less. They allege their rights are not protected in the country. Even a 2010 US Department of State report singled out Kuwait for not doing much to prevent human trafficking. According to the report, migrants are subjected to “forced labor by their sponsors and labor agents.” The report states that migrants suffer from physical and sexual abuse, nonpayment of wages, and restrictions on movement. Source (


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