Tuesday, July 12, 2011

President Lee of S.Korea spent hours in cleaning sewage and public toilets in Kebena

A day earlier, Lee, wearing a mask and carrying a disinfectant tank on his back, sprayed into sewage and public toilets in Kebena, a less-developed village in Addis Ababa, the office said. First lady Kim Yoon-ok joined Lee in some of the volunteer work during the weekend, the office also said. The president of a country participating in volunteer manual work during an overseas trip is unprecedented, said a Blue House official. “Korea, when it helps others, cannot help with a large amount of money,” Lee said during a meeting with volunteer workers yesterday. “Many advanced countries and China give a lot [to Africa], but our help could be evaluated highly if our affection, sincerity and thoughtfulness for others are contained in it.” Read more…


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