Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Worst Music of the Month

Would you like listen in the worst music of the month? May be the worst music of the year? In my view this is the most awful clip I ever hared. Worst makeup, worst outlook and worst set up. Even the male player is not an artistic one; he lacks the magnetism and entertaining skill to act as lover. It looks that he is there because he is been told so to be there. A kind of cold blooded guy! I want be honest with you, I don’t like it at all. Apart from the back ground pictures and the traditional customs they wear , the clip neither represent the way of life nor the people they thought . At some point you hear even Rep music in the middle of traditional GURAGINA SONG. Other surprising event is that the lead singer wears sunglasses comparable in size to her face. Imagine having eye glasses in a cultural show is like someone offering you A SHIRO WET mixing with fruit slices and add piece of cheese cake on a top of It, all in one plate. I may be wrong but this is my take from the clip. Have your say. To listen the clip click here.


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