Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Nightmare in dreamland is the story of Tringo, a young woman from a small village in Ethiopia, who travels to the glittering city of Dubai, carrying nothing but a dream with her, a dream that may become a nightmare as she begins her new life as a housemaid. Watch it if you can, it will expose you to the life of foreign domestic workers in the Middle East—most of them going through hellish experiences as we speak. Notice the huge difference between the Ethiopian and Filipino Embassies in Dubai! The former is placed in an extravagant building, yet doing nothing to protect its citizens; and the latter, well, watch it and find out. Quite a shame! Notice also what the job placement agent in Dubai says about the Ethiopian girls there: “They are obedient. They are afraid. They are afraid because they don’t want to lose their job, and to go back to their country.” Because of that he thinks they are good workers, reliable. Ahh! One of those cases that makes you puke your Ethiopian citizenship out of the window into the abyss! But then again people like Yeshi, the anti-human trafficking campaigner who appears in the documentary, force you not to give up on that enigmatic, miserable country of ours. I am in so much pain as I write this, only God knows what I really feel—am fucking depressed and pissed off, especially thinking of what could potentially happen to Tringo whose story can touch any human being with a sense of humanity. I wish her and her colleagues, who are in the same boat, all the best in that harsh environment. Source ( Kweshin!) Click here to watch the video.


  1. I watched the documentarty about 2 weeks ago and I was also in so much pain for a few days. It made me wonder why we Ethiopians dont care for each of us in a foreign world if not at home. The simple contrast of the Ethiopian and Philipins Embassey next to each other is a clear indication of lack of coordination and commitment to Ethiopian citizens. I live in Europe. So I know the feeling fo living in a different culture. It makes my heart heavy when i think of what my fellow ethiopian sisters go through in those arab world. This documentary is a good one depecting the dark side in a glittering cities of the arab world. I suggest that every young ethiopian should see it and learn what is waiting for them there.

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