Monday, March 28, 2011

NEBE allocates 10 million birr for political parties: almost the entire amount of the money will be given to EPRDF and its affiliated parties

Professor Merga Bekana Chairperson of the board said on Wednesday that the board would distribute the amount among the 10 political parties with seats in the parliament.The budget distribution is based on the number of seats the parties have in the parliament. Thus, Opposition parties will get literally none of the amount as they won only one or two seats. EPRDF is expected to get large amount of the money. Somali Peoples’ Democratic Party (SPDP), Benishangul Gumuz Peoples’ Democratic Party (BGPDP), Afar National Democratic Party (ANDP), Gambella Peoples’ Unity Democratic Movement (GPUDM), which are all EPRDF affiliated parties, will receive big amount. The opposition parties will get for only two seats.Some political analysts believe that, this allocation of budget is unfair, NEBE`s budget allocation policy must consider other criteria than that of the seats based one. Giving all the amount of money to the ruling party and its affiliated partied doesn’t make sense in the political activities and democratization process of the country, the analysts argue. Source (ENC)


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