Thursday, March 24, 2011

Future of Christianity in Muslims neighborhood: ASENDABO Incident

"They were our friends, our neighbors with whom we shared everything," said Abera, his eyes watering with tears."I never thought that this day would ever come."Such attacks are extremely uncommon in Ethiopia which, according to official figures is about 60 percent Christian and 30 percent Muslim, with smaller faiths making up the remainder. Churches and mosques sprawl together and, with a history of intermarriage, many Ethiopians boast about a long period of religious tolerance. Muslims here have donated money and are rebuilding the homes of displaced Christians. They have rejected the extremists' agenda," own Mayor Teshome Degfa said.Pastor Tesfaye Abadura, whose Kale Hiwot church bore the brunt of the attacks, also blamed the Kawarja."Not all Muslims are dangerous," he said. Click here to read more…


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