Tuesday, March 1, 2011

About 60 aircraft mechanics were prevented to leave the country

Amid a dispute with its employees about salary increments, Ethiopian Airlines (ET) has submitted the names of 60 ground technicians to the Immigration and Nationality Affairs Department, which restricted them from leaving the country. They had passed the entry exams for carriers based in the Middle East, but were informed by the department that they could not leave the country, for an unspecified time. “The move by the airline is against the contractual agreement and violates the employees’ right of movement,” a senior ground technician told Fortune on condition of anonymity. “If they think there is a better opportunity elsewhere, it should be their own choice to go. It is unfair for the airline to make career decisions on their behalf.” Tewolde told the technicians to continue working for the airline until it came up with a solution, ground technicians who attended the meeting told Fortune. Read more…


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