Thursday, February 24, 2011

What tablet device are you most likely to purchase?

According to a survey done by Rebtel, nearly Five Million Immigrants and First Generation Americans Own A Tablet Device with Majority of Non-Owners Favoring iPad over Kindle and Android Tablets. The survey says 8% of Ethiopians in the US own some type of tablet device with 31% planning to buy the device in the near future. Near future could mean March 2, as Apple is expected to unveil its second generation iPad. Out of the 8% who own a table device, 56% have iPad and 22% own Kindle.
See the survey result here The study was conducted in November 2010 with a sample group of respondents comprised of Rebtel users divided into 11 different ethnic groups; Cuba, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, India, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines and UK. Each ethnic group received their own identical survey and all the respondents are currently located in the US. source ( Rebetel)


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