Wednesday, February 9, 2011

U.S. Official Concerned about Chinese Regime’s Space Weapons

A Pentagon official says the Chinese regime is developing space weapons that can destroy satellites or jam their signals. Deputy secretary of defense for space policy Gregory Schulte said on Friday there’s growing concern about China’s development of counter-space capabilities that can destroy satellites with missiles or energy. In 2007 the Chinese regime shot down an obsolete weather satellite with a ground missile, creating space debris that forced the International Space Station to change orbit last year for safety. Other countries were also developing counter-space technology, like Iran and Ethiopia, which had jammed commercial satellites. Mr. Schulte said the United States has developed a ten-year strategy to make the country more capable of protecting its space property and encourage other countries to act responsibly. This could involve international partnerships like NATO where an attack on one could provoke a unified response. More from NTD Television,


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