Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Secretly coded “Project X “is under way close to Sudanese border

Secretly known as “project x” by Ethiopian authorities, upon completion, the power plant will have an electric generation capacity of 6,000MW, three times more than what all its dams currently operation could generate. This generating capacity will be a significant boost for the Ethiopian Electric Power Company (EEPCO), which intendeds to end the country’s electricity shortage and plans to extend export power to other countries in East Africa. Expected to take at least five years to be completed, the dam is one of three the Horn of Africa nation plans to begin building before mid 2011. Three other power plants, which have been under construction in the past few years, are expected to become functional in 2011.Ethiopia considers itself an African powerhouse due to its high hydropower potential. However, experts say only a fraction of this potential has been exploited so far. Read more…..


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