Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Arab Rage: should we worry?

UDJ says the economic hardship and absence of a democratic system that has led to popular rebellions across North African and Arab countries is also exhibited here in Ethiopia. Unemployment, hyper inflation and unaffordable living conditions are characteristics these places all have. All these hardships, socioeconomic and political conditions are also a reality here and they exist in Ethiopia even in worst degree,” says UDJ’s first vice chair Negasso Gidada (PhD). The ruling EPRDF however paints a very different picture of Ethiopia. EPRDF says let alone resembling the hopelessness seen in Arab countries, Ethiopia today has become a benchmark, success story envied by others. “There you see countries that have reached a middle income stage, but no longer are able to continue to grow. They have reached middle income status but have failed to maintain growth and now they have a high unemployment rate and inequitable distribution of wealth,” says Bereket Simon, EPRDF’s senior official and Government Communication Affairs Minister. Read more…


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