Thursday, January 13, 2011

A woman who was found dead has been identified

Paul Saunders, a site services officer for the city council, told the Telegraph he had been on his way in to work when he said he saw a couple arguing on the Canal Basin bridge about 6.40am. He said: “I had parked my car near the Canal Basin and was walking into the city centre. “As I was walking across the bridge I saw a couple arguing. There were raised voices but they were speaking in another language so I don’t know what they were saying. “I saw the man pull the woman close to him against his chest as if to hug her. "Then as I continued to walk past them they started raising their voices again. “I thought what was happening was a bit strange. I thought to myself I would call CV One when I got to work to alert them and to make sure the cameras were on the couple. But by the time I got there I heard there had been an incident and the ring road had closed. Read more...


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