Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sudan Independence Referendum Draws Large Refugee Turnout in Ethiopia

28-year old Chuol Chang Kier, are among the so-called 'Lost Boys,' orphans who were brought to safety in Ethiopia during Sudan's 21-year civil war. He predicts the vote in this diaspora polling center will be almost unanimous. He says he does not know a single person who wouldn’t vote for independence. "It's a party because... 2 ½ million people have died for this day, and everybody is feeling happy because there's no more blood that will be shed, and there is no more struggle that the southern Sudanese will go for, they see it as a refund for all those who have died and sacrificed for the last 55 years for this day." Said Arop Deng Kuol is head of the Government of Southern Sudan office in Ethiopia. Read more...


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