Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Real battle between Consumers and Traders over new price ceiling

According to the news posted from Ethiopian first web page, Government has begun to arrest some traders in the Capital who do not show willingness to implement the new price ceiling on basic commodities. It is noted that during the last week Over 500 business men and business women held discussion with the prime minister, over the issue of unchecked prices impose by traders. The report stated that in a few places some consumers are ended fighting with the traders, over charge disagreement. The traders on their part also complained over high tax rates and service fee they have asked to pay at various checking locations, before their goods get into the city. Ethiopian First reporter further stated, authorities have arrested some merchants who refused complying with the new fixed price, and even shut down their location. Some traders seem mark down their price but either tends to reduce the quality of their product or they set new charge on the items they never sold before. In some places for example, butchers are charging their customers up to 8.00 Birr for Awaze (local spice) which formerly was served freely, the news stated .


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