Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Arrest warrant issued for ex-president Ben Ali and his close associates

The BBC's Magdi Abdelhadi, in Tunis, says it is unlikely Saudi Arabia will hand them over but the warrants will restrict their ability to travel to other countries, especially in the West. Earlier this week, the Canadian authorities refused entry to some of Mr Ben Ali's relatives. In France, prosecutors have opened a preliminary investigation into the former president's holdings, believed to range from apartments to racehorses. Mr Chebbi also revealed that 11,029 prisoners - about a third of those held in Tunisian jails - had escaped during the unrest of the past 12 days. "The more that the interim government of Tunisia takes concrete steps to prepare for and implement democratic elections and a democratic system, and the more the interim and future governments are able to answer the grievances that led to this popular movement, the stronger and the warmer its partnership with the United States will be," he said. Read more…


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