Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ethio Telecom at a standstill, said sources

...activities have almost stopped at the head office and branches of Ethio Telecom. As teeters and stamps used by ETC are no longer in use by the newly-formed telecom, work orders are hardly passed, sources said. Unless there are “emergency” cases such as withdrawing of cash from banks or buying fuels for some of ETC projects, there are no activities seen in the head office or the branches except those in the sales front. “The only service currently active at the company is the sales service, where employees of the company cannot interrupt communication and sales with customers,” a company official said. “Apart from the sales service, internal services and functions have almost frozen.” To the dissatisfaction of some customers, those at the sales service unit are not “cooperative” as they used to be and are treating customers “coldly.” Read more...


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