Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Two Gebre’s at New York Marathon race

When Gebrselassie, 37, started hobbling on the downhill of the Queensboro Bridge, the tendinitis in his right knee proving too excruciating for him to continue, he turned to Gebremariam, 26 , Ethiopia’s future, sitting just off the lead. “You have to move,” Gebremariam recalled Gebrselassie saying to him at that moment. “You have to reach them.” Gebreselasse then drooped out of the race and later, abruptly retired from the sport. Gebremariam, meanwhile, secured his own spot in history, catching the leaders at Mile 17. He ran effortlessly alone in the final two miles in Central Park, capturing the New York City Marathon in 2 hours 8 minutes 14 seconds. “I can’t believe it,” Gebremariam said, beaming. “I am just so happy. It’s my first marathon, and I am No. 1 here.” Read more…


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