Thursday, November 25, 2010

EDP Chairman was surprised by the recent London incident

EDP chairman Ldetu Aylew explained his rationale, why he came to London. According to Ato lideu account he initially made a plan to discuss with leaders of World Liberal International Party Association, in which his party recently became a full member of. Ato lidetu has said he often comes to London during winter season to have discussion with party members and supporters. This year, he took a different venue and would like to discuss with all Ethiopians, even with those who opposes his party principles; by doing so he wanted to proof neither his party nor himself are not afraid to hold discussion with individuals that have diverse political views. Nevertheless he regretted to see the platform he thought for discussion was filled with hooligans and shouters who were calling and cursing names. Ato Lidetu was very surprised to see his political opponents wouldn’t make their case and defend him in a civilized manner. According to Ato Lidetu account the group who were disturbing the meeting, during the first 20 minutes were members of Ginot 7 party and some of them are associated to the official party known as UDJ. He even indicated that one of cheer leader was the younger brother of Ginbot 7 secretary , Ato Andargaachew Tsige. Click here to Watch the video.


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