Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We demand justice, say angry protesters

Hundreds of Ethiopians and concerned residents who live around DC metro area and its vicinity gathered Tuesday, October 19, 2010 to express their anger and frustration over the brutal death of a 27 year old Ethiopian Ali Mohamed. Ali was fatally beaten by 5 individuals associated with the local restaurant known as DC9. It has been confirmed that the perpetrators of this heinous crime are the owner of the restaurant and his four employees. According to eye witnesses account the five individuals chased Ali and wrestled him to the ground, and brutally beat him to the face, and the head. Instead of calling a law enforcement to address the matter they savagely took justice into their raw hands. While they brutally beat him, he repeatedly pleaded for mercy but the five men did otherwise. “My son was not a violent man “said the victim father Moahmed Galachu. Another person who spoke to the crowd was Ali’s cousin Nunu Wako. “I can understand if it is a one –o- one thing, “said Nunu , “ but five to one is entirely savage and brutal” , she busted with tears. The demonstrators expressed dissatisfaction over the judge decision to reduce the charge to a second degree murderer. “We demand justice,” said the angry protesters. Ali lost his life 45 minutes, after he has taken to the nearby hospital. Posted by administrator


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