Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Holiday Market in Different Part of Ethiopia

According to prices in some markets of the city, a chicken is sold from 65 to 75 birr on average while in few of the markets the price went up to 80. A kilo of onion, a major ingredient in the holiday feast recipe of Ethiopians, costs around 12 birr and a single egg was able to fetch 1.60-1.75 birr. There are reports that some shops are hoarding eggs in hopes of a better price as the holiday drew closer. Depending on its quality, which is determined by the time it took to get it to the market, a kilo of butter is sold from 75 to 90 birr on average. Alemayehu Sisay, a cattle trader at Sholla market, is excited that Id al-fitr and the Ethiopia New Year celebrations happened to fall on successive days. He says that the occurrence of two holidays in the same week is responsible for the price hike in the market that he is selling his cattle in. The price for sheep also differs according to the amount of meat it yields. Hence, the price Alemayehu’s sheep fetches is 550, while it is goes as high as 1,700 for a mukit, a local term for a well-bred sheep. Read more….


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