Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ethiopian Airlines and the Boeing 777-200LR - A Winning Combination

With the delivery of its first 777-200LR in November 2010, Ethiopian will be the first airline in Africa to operate the world’s most technologically advanced, and longest-range airplane in the world, further reaffirming its leading position on the continent. The 777-200LR entered service in March 2006, and has the capability to connect virtually any two cities in the world nonstop. It carries more passengers and more revenue cargo farther than any other jetliner. The 777-200LR will enable Ethiopian Airlines to connect Addis Ababa to the U.S. and to more destinations in Asia—nonstop. The 777-200LR can carry a full cargo load on routes where other airplanes are limited. This will give Ethiopian the capability to carry the same number of passengers farther, and with additional revenue-generating cargo. Ethiopian’s 777-200LRs are configured to carry a total of 321 passengers—34 in Business Class, and 287 in Economy. Read more…


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