Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Does Relocation Spell Relief or Recede?

“My children [and I] are going to starve to death when I leave. . . because my survival depends on this place,” said, Elfenesh, whose livelihood is closely knit with the area she lives in now, wiping the tears from her face with her long dress. She believes the business she is engaged in now will not be as fruitful when she leaves, as most of her loyal customers, who rent houses from other people, will not be relocating with her. Amarech amelawi 35 has a different opinion. She sells boiled potatoes with mitmita (crushed red chilli) at 1.50 Br. It has been her only source of income since her husband left her. As a single mother who is HIV-positive herself, everyday comes with its own challenges to survive and to provide for her daughter. Despite her low income, she has taken loans from relatives and neighbours to make the 20pc down payment on a condominium house. “I know I am not going to continue this business when I move from here, but I am planning to start baking injera and preparing spices,” she said. Read more..


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