Monday, June 21, 2010

Internet Access in the Capital gets people nerve

Many foreigners (tourists) like Addis more than you imagined, they really love the city. If you stop by a restaurant or a bar and ask a foreign person what he or she thinks about the city or the people they will unanimously tell you that people here are friendly, generous, humble and kind by nature. Indeed that is how we are. But wait…the chat may not end there. They will tell you the other side of the story that gets to their nerve each day, Internet connection. The capital of 80million people, in fact the capital of Africa per say, has a very slow internet connection. The internet is as slow as it becomes impossible to open files or download pages written in pdf format. You have to be lucky or you may have to pay extra amount of money to download a page. How do I know this? Well watch the following clip and see the facts for yourself. Click here.


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